Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Giveaway for all you BFF's flying solo

We love doing things together! Part of  it is cause we are BFFs and that is just what BFFing is all about. Another part of it, a really big part of it to be honest, is that most of our friends aren't in for doing the things we like doing.  We tried to convince our gang to spend our summer vacation in Hamilton, they weren't in. We think everyone would love to glitter as much as we do, and yet they never seem to have time. We could just spend the whole car ride talking about new ways Oprah is inspiring us to be better women and our other friends always seem to turn the radio up.

But sometimes you can't do things with your BFF. Maybe she lives far away, maybe she works a lot even on Saturday nights, maybe she is a HE and really doesn't want to get his nails done with you, or maybe..... she has a baby and didn't get a sitter in time and now only wants to hang out in her living room! Whatever the reason, we've got a little gift for you!

We have the very last Beauty School Drop-outs manicure spot for you at 7pm. All you got to do is tell us what you want painted on your nails and you can be the very lucky winner!  We will do the draw Thursday at 4pm.

Ps. Hollie took these pictures. She is good!


LG said...

Neon stripes or a light cream with some sparkles please! Neon stripes go well with my snowboarding outfit and light cream with sparkles is just right for the office but I can pull off either!


jennajeanne said...

I want the Evil Eye manicure as seen on Beauty School Drop Out's blog feat. Alexa Chung: http://thebeautyschooldropouts.blogspot.com/2012/01/evil-eye-manicure.html

- Jenna Farrell @JennaJF

Anonymous said...

Mondrian nails, please! http://30.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lspqdtCm2v1qgojxao1_500.jpg

- O. @bunny_rabby

Alayna @alaynawright said...

I would love the Jessie J Multicolour Manicure from Beauty School Drop Out's site: http://thebeautyschooldropouts.blogspot.com/2012/01/jessie-j-multicolour-manicure.html
So pretty and colourful!

JessicaK said...

I want rad 80s nails- black base with crazy coloured small triangles all over. wooooo!

Amelia said...

Black n Gold French manicure!

or black n gold anything!!

Bonska said...

My BFF LOVES Matryoshka dolls. that would be super cute.

Victoire said...

Bonska won the manicure! see you tomorrow night,

Katie & Regine