Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Only you, hot stuff

We are super happy to welcome a new line here at the shop, CSFootprints. All lovingly made in Toronto, we are one of only 2 shops that stock this amazing young new designer. We're pretty stoked on them, and if you come by either shop you'll see why.

Ursa Minor Saturn dress, 242$ and CSFootoprints Varo necklace (both available at both locations)
Ursa Minor's Saturn dress is a pretty show-stopping piece on its own. (You might remember this cut from last season, where it sold out in the blink of an eye! Well it's back in a new beautiful black crepe.) Not pictured: the awesome semi-sheer back. But with a CSFootprints Varo necklace, well of a sudden nobody else at this party even MATTERS. Only you, hot stuff.

CSFootprints bangle set - 50$ for 3 (available at both locations)

Good things come in threes. If you are at all superstitious (like I am), it probably couldn't hurt your luck to wear this awesome bangle set which LUCKILY enough comes in a set of three! Oh phew.
From left to right - silver geo diamond ring 50$, silver tower 80$, silver tetrahedron 50$ (all available at both locations)
The talented Cheryl Seung also hand-casts the most amazing rings. Here's my attempt at a pic. Yes, it looks like I am drowning just out of frame in the 2nd pic.

CSFootprints brass spine ring (top, 50$); silver cross ring (bottom, 55$). Available at both locations.
And then I remembered this pic that Kristina took a few weeks ago of new Rare Specimen rings in the shop. Now THAT'S how you take a pic! This should not be seen as an endorsement of C0ca-C*la, though I do have an unhealthy addiction to the stuff as anyone who knows me knows quite well...

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