Tuesday, November 13, 2012

our week in pictures: instamix

You may notice Ula is back around these parts and we are super stoked about it. Not only is she the kindest, but she has MAD chalkboard skills.

We got new Jordan De Ruiter Flower crowns in! We think that we should all wear a crown on the daily (by Jordan De Ruiter, $58). Available at Dalhousie only.
Freaky?! This large cross is located at the "Devil's Punchbowl" in Hamilton. It overlooks are large canyon/waterfall and was meant to bring light to the town. Maybe this cross will keep Hollie and Jane safe from the Hamburger Ghost.

Also, when in Hamilton the girls ate at a delicious place called Randy's. Everything you see here is homemade, even the condiments! They even had old school Pepsi made with sugar cane. Yummy eats in Hamilton, everytime!

Uh oh. Tongue tattoos before the vintage dress sales only made them more prepared for a busy day. Guess what each one is!
Danica of Lost City has released her new line. We are carrying pieces at both shops! This is my personal fave.

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