Monday, December 10, 2012

keep it classy

My mom came to the store this week and remarked "Oh I guess you guys aren't really decorating for Christmas." Well the truth is, she's kinda right and kinda wrong. If you're used to big red bows and tinsel up the ying-yang, our Christmas decor might seem a little...subtle. But this is quite intentional. We  want Victoire to be a little oasis from all the Christmas chaos in pretty much every other corner of the retail landscape right now. 

Here are some examples of our restrained holiday cheer.

Henderson Dry Goods ornaments, 6$. Available at both locations.
Coral & Tusk Ski Bunny embroidered art print, 30$. Available at both locations.
Rifle sticker set, 10$. Available at Dalhousie location only.

So come and visit us, and you won't feel like you just stepped into Santa's Workshop (not that there's anything wrong with that). We might not even be playing Christmas music when you come in (though I would venture that we have THE best mix on the planet).

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