Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Don't be fooled by the rocks that I got

I'm on kind of a R&B and hip-hop kick right now (ok, I guess I often am - just a little more than usual these days), and maybe one of the reasons why is cos every time I look at our Rare Specimen pieces in the shop I'm reminded of the one time Jane sent us a shipment with "Don't be fooled by the rocks that I got" scrawled across the front.

So now (and like, always), this song is in my head. Thanks Jane.

Remember the ridiculously huge pink diamond that Ben Affleck gave her in the hey-days of Bennifer? Well these are nothing like that. But that's a good thing. We've got pink Aura Quartz studs, and then Herkimer diamond studs. (By the way, Herkimer diamonds are double-terminated quartz crystals  discovered  in and around Herkimer County.  A double terminated crystal is a crystal with two naturally faceted ends. It is a rarer form of crystal as it forms free-floating in pockets of clay, rather than on one side of a stone. They tend to be highly sought-after, as those who believe in the power of crystals claim that energy can flow in both directions through a double terminated crystal, and that this makes them ideal for ritual "healing" ceremonies.)

Both styles available at both locations, 37$ each

Rare Specimen necklaces - small, 42$; large 49$. Available at both locations.
J.Lo's love may not "cost a thing", but for the rest of us, a small gesture still goes a long way. And thankfully all Rare Specimen pieces are not budget-busters. So they do cost a thing, but it is a relatively small thing.

Pyrite studs, 37$. Available at both locations.
J. Lo might call these Pyrite studs "bling", even though that is such an outdated term. (Says Kanye). Maybe they're "swag". Whatever. I just think they are rad.

Hair pins, 25$. Available at both locations.

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