Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It's never too early.

The world works in magical ways. Or maybe it's called Global Warming? Either way, I am pretty sure we were all cursing the -30 degree weather not only a couple days ago, and today it's + 9 degrees. Already my mind switched to Spring and Summer thoughts.. and to back that up, our very first Spring shipment arrived yesterday. SHOES. And wouldn't you bet it's sandals and flats. Call me crazy, but I am diggin' it. But I couldn't JUST post the shoes. We had to put a face or persona to each shoe. Make it more personal. So here are our style icons and their choice of shoe...We're sure of it. 

Dolce Vita Blue Suede Shoes, $ 100. Pair with a young Brooke Shields, after this roller skate she probably slipped into high-waisted Calvin Klein jeans and a white t-shirt with some blue suede flats. right?

Dolce Vita Samba Heels, $120. Can you not see Farrah Fawcett, one of the original Charlie's Angels busting bad guys in these bad boys? Dance all night AND crush some skulls in these stellar heels.

Dolce Vita Archer Sandal, $85. Well, Bo Derek was a real hit in this swimsuit. And I can picture her running in these lovely sandals on the beach. Regine's input on this picture was "Come to da island, mon". That's exactly what I think when I look at these lovelies.

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Genevieve Savard said...

those dv red and gold sandals are trés bien