Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Something about Mary.

Sorry for the title... But it does kind of work.  I'm feeling terribly under the weather, under the waves, under the earth, under the everything. I feel worse than Garfield feels about Mondays. The only thing that could pick me up today after many failed attempts to lift my spirits was daydreaming that I was Mary Stuart Masterson's best friend (in the movies, duh) in Fried Green Tomatoes or that I was her in Some Kind of Wonderful. 
The main cast from Some Kind of Wonderful. Mary is on the right.
 Hopefully you've seen these movies. If not, snap to it, you will love them both. So for today's blog, I'm gonna focus on this style icon of mine.... One so deeply rooted in my consciousness.
Mary Stuart Masterson in Some Kind of Wonderful. She plays a tomboy drummer chick who is in love with her best guy friend, who TYPICALLY is into the cool, complicated pretty girl at school. BUT NOTE THE FRINGE. Obviously this is a total tip-off as to who is really the coolest.
As you can clearly see in the photo above, her character in Some Kind of Wonderful is a drummer. Check out this clip where she bares her soul to her BFF, Keith, and tells him the only things she cares about are herself, her drums, and him. *tear*
Back in the ol' 1990s when I was a kid, MST was pretty much my fave "chick". She was tough, but fragile, cute, but always rough around the edges. In fact, she's totally the best friend you could ever have in Fried Green Tomatoes and a badass. FGT and Some Kind of Wonderful were among the movies I LOVED watching repeatedly (others: The Secret Garden, Teen Witch, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead), especially on sick/playin' hooky days. Today I really wish I was wearing fingerless gloves like Mary in Some Kind of Wonderful cuz I'm sure that'd give me a better grip on reality. 

 Or maybe a vest and some men's underwear worn as shorts so I can just feel more comfortable
MST in Friend Green Tomatoes as Idgie Threadgood, aka the Bee Charmer.
I don't know what the trend forecasters are saying for Spring/Summer  Twenty-Thirteen, but if I find short overalls, you KNOW imma be wearing them. 

Denim overall shorts and a sick utility belt. Idgie was always prepared.
 Looking back, are there any style icons you can identify from your childhood?

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