Friday, February 1, 2013

New Girl likes new Mink Pink

Are any of you as hooked as I am to the show New Girl? It stars the one and only Zooey Deschanel and I've gotta say, it has me laughing out loud in each episode. *****SPOILER ALERT***** If you tuned in this week you might've been as giddy as I was when Nick and Jess FINALLY kissed. I don't know what the writers of this show have in store for these two characters but what I DO know is that Jess would totally swoon over the new Mink Pink outfits we received this week!
Jess is a vibrant ball of positivity so it's only fitting that she wears bright colours to convey that part of her adorkable personality.
Mink Pink Gold Digger dress, $130.

We've only got the bright version of this dress at our Westboro location. Gold Digger comes in black at our Dalhousie shop!
Yayoi Kusama was spot on (see what I did there?) when she said that "Polka dots are a way to infinity".  If Kusama watched New Girl, she would know that polka dots are also the way to Jess' heart. This timeless pattern is a staple in this character's fictional wardrobe and adored by many especially in the summer. Mink Pink has two polka dotted options for you in their Spring/Summer collection.
Mink Pink Spot On dress, $100. Available at both locations.
Mink Pink Alice shirt, $80. Available at both locations.

Jess would definitely wear Alice on a charming yet elaborate picnic she would organize for her awesome roomies when the weather matches her spirit. This would look great tucked into a pair of high-waisted shorts or even a neutral toned skirt. Wear it how you want to but come in and give this blouse and the other new Mink Pink looks a shot! 


Stephanie Perry said...

She does have an adorKable personality! Love her style and yours

Stephanie Perry said...

Yes her personality is adorKable!
Love her style- and yours victoire!

arden said...

This is a really cute post but oh my god in the photo with the green dress... Look at that baby hand!!!! Whoa

Victoire said...

Haha, oh man Arden.... you are SO RIGHT. What is the deal with her hand there?!!!!