Monday, February 25, 2013

We are hiring! And we want it to be you!!

We are really excited to be announcing this: WE ARE HIRING! 

Have you ever thought Victoire would be a pretty awesome place to work? It is! It's actually pretty much everything you think it would be and more. You get to work in a beautiful environment, with super rad co-workers and your bosses are excited to be inspired by you!

We are looking for someone who has a sunny personality, loves helping people, is super tidy, loves independent designers, is proud to live in Ottawa and of course is a fan of Victoire! Now it's pretty hard to gives us a glimpse of who you are just off a C.V., so please be dynamic. Send us a link to your blog, Instagram, or a note about what inspires you creatively, or maybe just a list of all the nice things you do which makes you a delightful person!

We are looking for someone to work a few hours a week and we can easily work around other obligations in your week. Send us an e-mail to notrevictoire@gmail or come meet us in person at the shops!

Don't we look fun? We play hard cos we work hard.


jessica said...

if i wasnt waitressing most nights of the week id be down like a brown cow.

Anonymous said...

please help: i'm trying to find out who makes that grey dress on the right in the picture where you girls are holding up moustaches?! I think it might be perfect for a wedding I'm going to but I don't see it on your website. thanks!

Victoire said...

Unfortunately that dress is from a few seasons ago. All sold out now.

Good luck finding the perfect dress!

Anonymous said...

oh too bad! Then do you who designed it? I might keep my eyes out for other pieces of theirs! Thank you Victoire!

Victoire said...

The dress was by Sessun - good luck!