Friday, November 6, 2015

Grace, Marilyn and Edie

These three vintage beauties have carried me through the years and are hands down my favourite of all dresses. It was hard to choose just one so I picked three, each having their own personality.

The first dress is my prom dress (as cliche as that may be) which I found after many hours of combing the fripperies along St. Laurent Boulevard in Montreal. I was determined to find my prom dress there and so my mom, bless her, hopped in the car with me one spring weekend morning to go on the hunt. It was no easy task. I had a smidge of an idea of what I wanted but mostly I just knew that when I saw it I would know. We walked for hours. I truly mean hours. Every store we went to I came up empty. I am not one to settle! Then we popped in to this wacky looking shop that had floor to ceiling vintage of all kinds. I combed the racks, but still no luck. I felt defeated, but then as we turned around to leave I took one last look and saw this pink gown up high on a shelf on a mannequin. I thought maybe I should ask to try it. The woman working said okay but she didn't think the owner wanted to sell it as it was more of a collectors item for him. When I stepped into the fitting room and zipped it up, I never felt anything fit me more perfectly in all my life. It was just what I was looking for. We had to wait of course to see if the owner would sell it to me, and once he saw it on me he agreed and I went home a very happy girl. My prom date later spilled beer all over it, but that's when I learned beer doesn't stain and this dress would live to see another day.

The second dress is one I found at the Ottawa Vintage Clothing show. I went with my mom early on Sunday morning before going to work at noon. We looked around and I thought I'd seen it all but then as I was leaving to start on my way to work, I saw this glimpse of chintz like fabric peeking out of a rack. There was a woman perusing it just before it and I politely squeezed in front of her to pull out the dress. I had zero time to try it on and it was a bit on the expensive side, so I left it. Then I had this itch. I kept thinking about the fabric and the style and I was like, this dress must be mine! So I called my mom as I was exiting the building and told her where it was and what it looked like and to see if they could measure it. It was almost my exact measurements so I sealed the deal. When I got home from work I couldn't wait to try it on. It was again, one of those moments where it fits you in all the right places and just makes you feel so good! It is my absolute favourite summer dress and when I wear it I like to do my favourite summer things like going to the park and reading, getting ice cream, a date with the bf, etc. It's so fun to wear your favourite dress while doing your favourite activities. 

The third dress is this little sixties number which once again, appeared as I was leaving and then I did a double take and ran back for it. This girl was selling off a bunch of clothes because she was moving to Australia. I had already picked up one nice top and a denim romper so I was all set to go, when I saw it. Floating in the wind, hanging from her porch, this dress that would fulfill all of my YeYe girl dreams was just waiting for me. I ran to it, asked her to hold it, ran to the bank and she was mine. I wear it as often as I can and it makes me feel like Edie Sedgewick. 

That's what I love about vintage - it can make you feel either like a whole new person, or completely yourself. When I wear these dresses I feel at my most confident, natural self. I think I try to embody the confidence of the women who owned them before me, imagining the nights they must have had wearing these dresses. Vintage allows you to use your imagination in a different way than modern clothes. 

Scoop up your own little gem this weekend! Make sure you don't miss our vintage sale with the White Elephant happening today from 4-8 pm and Saturday from 10-6 at the Wellington shop!

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