Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Pull out your fav band tee!

Regine has an insane t-shirt collection. She is always on the hunt, and hunts down some pretty perfect pieces. Recommending to wear it with your fav band tee is also one of her go-to sales pitches. For Reg if you can wear it prim-and-proper AND with a band tee, it's divine!

The Birds of North America Owl skirt is therefor DIVINE.

Owl skirt, $139 at all 3 shops & online. T-shirts,  not for sale. No way. Not gonna happen.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Fly away with us!

We are days away from the Fall/Winter Birds of North America launch at the Wellington shop! We've been prepping by trying on some of these pieces and boy, are they somethin' else.

Amber, Kristina and our newest shopgal Erin being goofie in the Thornbird dress. Love, love, LOVE (did I mention LOVE??) this sweet sailor inspired dress. $209.

Katie lookin' bummed that summer is ending, but fierce nonetheless in this madly plaid Woodnymph dress. $196.
Lina looks amazing in the fitted Gallinule denim dress - $189 (left) and I just had to try the blue plaid version of the Woodnymph. Yeah - they both have pockets. 

Amber looking so sweet in the burgandy Meadowlark dress ($206). We will have both Navy and Burgandy at the launch. 
We are so amped for this launch and can't wait for all of you to find your perfect Birds dress(es)! So make sure to come to the Wellington shop between Wednesday August 27th and Saturday August 30th. 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Birds of North America Collection Launch!

yes, yes, YES! We are doing it again ladies! The Wellington location will be bursting at the seams with Birds of North America Fall/Winter stock. We are very lucky to partner-up with designer Hayley Gibson to have a collection launch AGAIN this year. What does that literally mean?  From Wednesday August 27th - 30th we will have all the Birds of North America Fall/Winter styles in all the different colors/patterns they come in. We will have it alllllll!!!  I KNOW.  I can't wait either!

You know what I am going to say? DO NOT MISS OUT GALS. Its gonna be so goooooood! 

* Collection Launch - Wednesday August 27th to Saturday August 30th.
* Wellington shop ONLY.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

It's been a slice!

I really can’t believe it. After 3 years, this shop gal is leaving the Victoire nest! This week was my last week of work before getting ready for a new adventure. I'm moving to Halifax and starting art school at NSCAD University! It goes without saying that I'm going to miss my Victoire family like crazy since the shop has been such a a majorly positive part of my life.

My high shool was super close to the shop so I would often swing by on my way home to admire all the beautiful clothing and chat with whoever was working. I ended up working as a co-op student in grade 12 and then the summer I graduated, Regine and Katie hired me!  

Here's a Polaroid pic from my lil going away shindig this Wednesday! We  all went to Shanghai to sing karaoke! In case you were wondering, I'm holding a Drake doll the girls gifted me, haha <3

Working at Victoire has enabled me to be apart of a diverse team of hardworking, talented and rad ladies that I love and admire to bits.  I've also learned so much about my own creative capabilities and how to own them! Regine, Katie and all the girls have always been incredibly encouraging whenever I made a window display for the shop, whipped up some new jewelry for Steel Magnolias, or had any other artistic projects going on the side. For example, when I started interning for local jewellery designer, Jasmine Virani, they gave me the confidence to trust my own aesthetic enough to bring it to life which eventually lead to me starting my own small collection of jewelry called Mild Eyes! For that and so much more, these girls will always have a special place in my heart. I think that's what sets Victoire apart from working in most retail environments. Everyone of the shop girls is unique in their own way and can potentially contribute to the shop differently. Regine and Katie foster that to help us and the team flourish! <3

Parting gifts from the sweetest pals! One of my all time fav quotes on a banner made by Ottawa's own Melting Plastic! The vinyl Beyoncé record because duh, and some wicked Drizzy related things <3
This obsidian stone was given to be my Emily Rose! It dispels negativity, stabilizes, calms fears, and is an excellent protector!
 Although I'm leaving and won't see my favorite people on the daily, I know they'll be cheering me on from afar. I can't wait to blossom at school and be able to contribute to the shop a little differently in the future!

If you'd like to see what I'm up to in Halifax, follow me on instagram (@shyshaya) or check out my blog from time to time!


Friday, August 22, 2014

Pin Me

Bitter Betty, multiple sayings at all 3 shops, $12

Get your jackets ready for the season with pins that express your inner self.

Yo Sick, at all three shops, $5

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Cool Vibes

Channeling some cool-weather vibes over here at Victoire with new fall pieces in the store. As you've already seen from our last few blog entries, many of the pieces that we have wear well into the *cry* last days of summer, and you just know they are gonna be a cinch to pull off in the *welp* colder weather with some tights and a cardigan. 

Here's a new tunic from Valerie Dumaine's fall/winter collection. With the asymmetrical sleeve detail, this isn't your typical tunic. It looks super cool and feels great on. Even better, it's a fully lined piece with an amazingly sheer, soft, 100% wool shell. I don't know how Valerie does it, but she does. This tunic would look amazing over a skinny pair of black jeans or leggings, with some Chelsea boots. 

To really drive home the point that life/summer is short, and #YOLO, we paired this tunic with a bold but minimal hourglass necklace from Species by the Thousands. Dig it. This necklace looks great with everything.

Valerie Dumaine 'Tara' tunic, $159, available at 129 Ossington and Dalhousie locations. Species by the Thousands 'Hourglass' Brass Necklace, $155, available at 129 Ossington.
AND... Speaking of "COOL VIBES," allow us to introduce you to the newest face around 129 Ossington: Erin! This girl is sweet as pie, lemme tell you. A real gem. Here she is showing off some feminine separates from Darling and Birds of North America.

Darling 'Talia' top, $78, available at 129 Ossington and Westboro locations. Birds of North America 'Owl' skirt, $159, available at all three shops. Note: this skirt fits on the small side, so we advise you to size up from your usual size.
See how nicely these pieces still work for warm weather and into those cooler evenings we've all been experiencing? Jump on them now while we still have full size runs to work with!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

OMG, no WAY?!

 oh HI! I know you all know that we have started to receive new Fall stock and it is DOPE. So much so I had to call all my gal pals and tell them about it. JK! But really, check out this amazing window display by our girl Chanelle from withloveorwhatever. It is every girls dream, and so are these pants! AH, SLUMBER PARTY! #dreamphone #easybakeoven #90210

* Birds of North America, Tody Pants, $149.00 (available at both Ottawa locations).  These babies are like an imitation of your fave vintage high-waisted pant. And the bow?! STOP IT!