Saturday, September 20, 2014

star gazin'!!

I'm very excited to announce that we have received new Falconwright clutches from Toronto! We love us some whimsical witchy items here at Victoire, so this new Curses collection is right up our alley. Along with the great  handmade clutches, we re-stocked Ottawa-based designer In Dreams Constellation dishes! So you can grab a double fun gift for yourself or your most magical gal pal. Looky here!

Hands Clutch, $78
Witchboard Clutch, $78

Handpainted Constellation Dishes, $ 20 

* All items are available at all three locations. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

I've Got the Blues

Well, not really. Fall is here and I actually couldn't be happier because, duh, that means new clothes!! Each season is a new reason to shop and for that reason, I can embrace the cold. I walked in to work today and was hit with a whole whack of pretty new things and I just could NOT resist trying on everything in sight!!! Here's a sampling of some of my favourites.

First up we've got this little plaid number by Betina Lou. Oh my heart, Betina! 

Betina Lou Kitty Dress (YEAH IT'S CALLED THE KITTY DRESS *faints*) - $190 - Available at all 3 shops and online.
From the collar to the pleats, do that dreamy brown and blue hue, this dress is every bit as lovely as it is comfy! And you probably already know this, but comfort is KEY in my life. If I'm tugging and pulling at something, it comes off almost immediately. This dress is made of a beautiful tencel blend that is soft as pyjamas and will make layering a cardigan so easy this winter!

This collar you guys!! This photo doesn't capture the scallop detailing along the edge, but it's there and it's dainty as hell and I LOVE IT.
Oh and it seems we have a theme here..another Betina Lou! This is a cute little sweater dress that pleats so nicely at the waist and fits nice and snug all around. The golden yellow stripe contrasts so nicely against the navy! Have fun accessorizing this one - red belts, gold or brass jewelry, tan leather - it's alllll good.

Betina Lou Maina Dress - $180 - Available at Dalhousie and West for now. Accessorized with the Vera Dolores necklace - $85 at all 3 locations, and Eleven Thirty Saddle belt. Selection of leathers available at each shop.

We also received some new Darling (!!!) and this super cute Chanel-esque tweed mini dress was in the loot! Complete with pretty brass buttons and metallic thread *heart eye emoji*. So cozy and cute!!

Darling Kailey Tunic - $109 at Dalhousie and Westboro.

Emily Valentine Ashbury Necklace - $98 at all 3 shops and online.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Twisted Whimsy

Crafted by Baltimore based designer Joanna Otten, Twisted Whimsy is a collection of jewelry inspired by sacred geometries and talismans. Her work utilizes chemical free patinas and recycled materials as often as possible. 

$95 - Available at Dalhousie. 
The soft sheen of the brass in her jewelry really adds some warmth and light to an outfit. And as far as statement pieces go, let me tell ya, these babies are BOLD!

Earrings $44 - Available at Dalhousie
These necklaces look great under collars and they can really amp up a simple dress or blouse! 

$90 - Available at Dalhousie.
Necklace $88 - Available at Dalhousie; worn under the Covet Ella top - $104, available at Dalhousie and online.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Cozy Trousers and Sleek Slacks

A good fall trouser can be hard to come by, but we've got two great options for you! The tailored Betina Lou Jenn pant is made of 100% wool with a straight leg and fitted hip. The tuck detailing on the front is cute and reminiscent of a real 1940s wool trouser. Just add suspenders!

Betina Lou Jenn Pant - $180. Available at Wellington, Toronto and online.

Next up we have a more laid back pair made of a light viscose and cotton blend. It's comfortable and relaxed, with a slight taper through the leg. They can easily be dressed up or down depending on what top you pair them with. We did a look with a classic band tee, knotted up at the waist, but you could do a tailored shirt or silk blouse for a more formal look.

Did we mention the elastic waistband? This makes them super comfy! Definitely an appropriate pant to wear at Thanksgiving!  

Dagg & Stacey Fullerton Pant - $140 - Available at Dalhousie, Wellington and online.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

JUMPing for Joy!

So I know we get really excited when new stuff arrives so it's hard to tell what we are really GAGA about. But let me tell you, the new Betina Lou Yoko Jumper has us stomping over each other at the shop trying to get our hands on one! It is a perfect mix of perfectly preppy or 90's grunge (depending how you style it ladies).  Also, this beautiful lady is going to model for our next photoshoot and we are so over the moon it's silly! Meet Ashley, she also works for herd magazine and looks a lot like Marianne Faithful (or Kate Moss). NBD.

*Betina Lou Yoko Jumper, $150 and available in both brown and black at all three location!

Friday, September 12, 2014

won'tchya come on over, valerie?

So it got cold and it got cold quickly. Instead of dwelling on it, I think embracing the crisp air and taking a good stroll will do your body good. Today when walking to get coffee I was listening to  my iPod which has not been updated since....well, I'm not even going to say. BUT, some good ol' Amy Winehouse came on and I was more than happy to listen. She truly was a gem. A lovely rough  around the edges gem. One of my favorite songs is Valerie She really killed those vocals. In light of this, a certain Valerie in shop has been dropping hits like Amy this season. Check out these digs and tell me you aren't just smitten over these rockin' tunics and dresses. 

Photo # 1: Valerie Dumaine, Saffron Dress $195 and available here. (also available in teal).
Photo # 2: Valerie Dumaine, Sonora Dress $199 and available here. 
Photo # 3:  Valerie Dumaine, Ethel Tunic $ 159 and available here. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

It's ALLLL happening!

There is absolutely nothing better than the buzz around the shops these days. SOOOOOO many new things coming in from all our designers (which instantly become our favourite piece EVER), gearing up for lots of events, meeting fun new people who want to be our new co-worker and getting organized with webstore shoots to get the new season up on our online shop.

All pics from our instagram!