Thursday, November 26, 2015

Our Black Friday sale starts now!

Technically Black Friday doesn't begin until tomorrow, but we want you guys to get the deals first! A little reward for following & reading our blog, which we appreciate.

Starting now, in shop, just mention receiving this email or online use the following codes. We are doing some meaty discounts!

Buy 1 item of clothing or shoes, get 10% off. Use promocode: GIMME1
Buy 2 items of clothing or shoes, get 20% off. Use promocode: GIMME2
Buy 3 items of clothing or shoes, get 30% off. Use promocode: GIMME3

This sale DOES apply on top of already marked down items, how rad is that? 
However this sale does NOT apply to t-shirts, bags, jewelry, patches, pins, bathing suits and all other accesories.

So yeah, drop whatever silly thing you are doing and get yourself shopping!!!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Grace, Marilyn and Edie

These three vintage beauties have carried me through the years and are hands down my favourite of all dresses. It was hard to choose just one so I picked three, each having their own personality.

The first dress is my prom dress (as cliche as that may be) which I found after many hours of combing the fripperies along St. Laurent Boulevard in Montreal. I was determined to find my prom dress there and so my mom, bless her, hopped in the car with me one spring weekend morning to go on the hunt. It was no easy task. I had a smidge of an idea of what I wanted but mostly I just knew that when I saw it I would know. We walked for hours. I truly mean hours. Every store we went to I came up empty. I am not one to settle! Then we popped in to this wacky looking shop that had floor to ceiling vintage of all kinds. I combed the racks, but still no luck. I felt defeated, but then as we turned around to leave I took one last look and saw this pink gown up high on a shelf on a mannequin. I thought maybe I should ask to try it. The woman working said okay but she didn't think the owner wanted to sell it as it was more of a collectors item for him. When I stepped into the fitting room and zipped it up, I never felt anything fit me more perfectly in all my life. It was just what I was looking for. We had to wait of course to see if the owner would sell it to me, and once he saw it on me he agreed and I went home a very happy girl. My prom date later spilled beer all over it, but that's when I learned beer doesn't stain and this dress would live to see another day.

The second dress is one I found at the Ottawa Vintage Clothing show. I went with my mom early on Sunday morning before going to work at noon. We looked around and I thought I'd seen it all but then as I was leaving to start on my way to work, I saw this glimpse of chintz like fabric peeking out of a rack. There was a woman perusing it just before it and I politely squeezed in front of her to pull out the dress. I had zero time to try it on and it was a bit on the expensive side, so I left it. Then I had this itch. I kept thinking about the fabric and the style and I was like, this dress must be mine! So I called my mom as I was exiting the building and told her where it was and what it looked like and to see if they could measure it. It was almost my exact measurements so I sealed the deal. When I got home from work I couldn't wait to try it on. It was again, one of those moments where it fits you in all the right places and just makes you feel so good! It is my absolute favourite summer dress and when I wear it I like to do my favourite summer things like going to the park and reading, getting ice cream, a date with the bf, etc. It's so fun to wear your favourite dress while doing your favourite activities. 

The third dress is this little sixties number which once again, appeared as I was leaving and then I did a double take and ran back for it. This girl was selling off a bunch of clothes because she was moving to Australia. I had already picked up one nice top and a denim romper so I was all set to go, when I saw it. Floating in the wind, hanging from her porch, this dress that would fulfill all of my YeYe girl dreams was just waiting for me. I ran to it, asked her to hold it, ran to the bank and she was mine. I wear it as often as I can and it makes me feel like Edie Sedgewick. 

That's what I love about vintage - it can make you feel either like a whole new person, or completely yourself. When I wear these dresses I feel at my most confident, natural self. I think I try to embody the confidence of the women who owned them before me, imagining the nights they must have had wearing these dresses. Vintage allows you to use your imagination in a different way than modern clothes. 

Scoop up your own little gem this weekend! Make sure you don't miss our vintage sale with the White Elephant happening today from 4-8 pm and Saturday from 10-6 at the Wellington shop!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Victoire + Vintage = Match Made in Heaven!

One of our favourite weekends of the year is coming up quick! Can you guess what it is? It's probably one of your favourite weekends too. 

Our annual winter To The Nines Vintage Sale is happening THIS Friday and Saturday at the Wellington shop!

To get us all in the vintage spirit, we want to share our favourite vintage treasures with you! These are the pieces that we have either searched years for, or pieces that happened upon us and found their way into our closets. 

Our first vintage love story comes from our shopgal Isabelle. Isabelle and her twin sister Sophie have probably one of the most enviable vintage collections we've ever seen. Everytime they come into work they are impeccably dressed in something totally rad that we all swoon over (and over, and over). We can only imagine how hard it was for them to choose something! Here Isabelle's most treasured pieces.

Red, Blue and Yellow

"I love collecting beautiful vintage dresses. It’s always the little details that make my heart stop: a delicate lace collar or cuff, a bit of embroidery, or a little bow. Two of these dresses were found at prior vintage sales hosted by Victoire and White Elephant. Aren’t they gorgeous? As much as I love admiring theses dresses, I’m not the kind of person who keeps her vintage hanging neatly in a closet. These babies have lived! I take them out dancing, I pack them in my suitcase and I take them on adventures! In fact, the one in the centre has been so loved that its organza overlay was accidently ripped during a night of reckless boogying. Luckily, I know a seamstress with fairy fingers. I have very fond memories of the nights I spent in these dresses, and I love thinking about the women who wore them before me. I love wearing vintage because it makes me feel as though I am wearing a piece of someone else’s past. If you look closely, you can see the memories stitched into the seams.

Suede Capes

There’s something incredibly magical about wearing a cape. Sophie and I feel like Marianne Faithfull’s twin cousins when we wear these. We found these capes on two separate occasions. Sophie’s cape was bought from a pirate in a dingy London vintage market, and I hunted for mine online (obviously slightly jealous and wanting one of my own). One of the most amazing things about hunting for vintage is finding similar styles in various places. I love thinking about how these capes made their way to a London basement or into the hands of a vintage seller from Texas. Talk about international travel! We feel as though these two are long lost sisters, cut from the same cloth, or suede in this case. We are so happy to see them finally reunited and hanging together."

If you want to find your own vintage treasure and feel the magic that Isabelle felt, make sure you come to our To The Nines vintage sale with the White Elephant this Friday from 4-8 and Saturday November 7th, from 10-6 at the Wellington shop! And for those of you who can't make it in shop, don't worry! This year we will have online component to the sale! We're listing some of our favourite dresses from ours and White Elephant's collections in our webstore!

See you this weekend!

Friday, October 30, 2015


"I put a spell on you, and now you're mine!" 

Darling Alexie Bolero. Available at all three locations and online for $90.
We know you've been coveting all sorts of goodies from the shop this season and maybe you've been casting spells for them to go on sale. Finally your wishes are coming true! This weekend, starting today, all of our clothing and shoes will be 15% off until Sunday November 1st. 

We have plenty of stunning pieces for you to choose from including a bunch of new Darling like this cream lace Morgan Tunic, currently $118 and available in Toronto, at West and online.

Grownups deserve some Halloween treats too! If you come knockin' on our doors we will happily give you the discount at all three locations! Not from around here? Just use the discount code "WitchPlease" at checkout in our webstore and you can pick up something sweet too!

Darling Luisa Playsuit, available at all three shops and online for $115. Also available in black.
Use code "WitchPlease" at check out online to redeem!

*Excludes tshirts, jewelery, bags and accessories, apothecary and Goods items. 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Plaid Parade!

Birds of North America Woodnymph Dress in Stewart. Available at all three shops and online!
It's that time of year again! The air is crisp and the leaves are red and orange - which only means on thing...Plaid is EVERYWHERE! Come decked out in your best plaid look with your bike and join Ottawa's 4th annual Plaid Parade this Sunday the 18th! 

The ride begins at 11am at Lansdowne near Aberdeen Pavillion. The final destination is the North Dalhousie area where a bunch of the shops will have some fun treats for the bikers!

We'll be serving up some boozy gatorade punch to get you back some electrolytes and a little somethin somethin extra ;).

Birds of North America Wood Rail Dress in Buchanan. Also comes in Buffalo Check. Available at West and online!
If you don't have your plaid outfit yet, make sure to swing by the shops cause we've got TONS! Like the classic Birds of North America Wood Rail dress which comes in two lovely plaids to choose from!

And the most important part - we will have a prize for best dressed!! So make sure to don your best lumberjack look and grab your pals for a super fun bike ride! 

See you Sunday!


Friday, September 25, 2015

Samantha Pleet and Hannah Metz Pop Up!

Psst...We have something BIG planned for October 1st so mark your calendars and call up your besties cause this is a night not to be missed!

On October 1st, Victoire Boutique is elated to present to you two indie designer queens right here in Toronto to meet with customers and showcase their latest collections. NYC-based clothing designer Samantha Pleet will be in attendance for this special day and will also be joined by Hannah Kristina Metz, a Canadian-born NYC-based designer. 

Samantha Pleet has built a following of fashion devotees over the last 9 years of designing. Pleet has her inspired and ethereal clothing featured in the coolest boutiques around the world, and Victoire has proudly carried her for the last 2 years. Pleet's collections have a cult following with everyday dreamers and modern icons alike. Pleet will be showcasing her Fall collection and select discounted pieces from past seasons.

Hannah Kristina Metz is surely a familiar name and face for all vintage loving web followers of the last 10+ years. Metz has found success in many past projects from running a Vintage shop in California, designing a lingerie collection (The Loved One) and collaborating on photoshoots with Victoire. Metz's creative force has now been applied to a debut clothing collection inspired by literary love stories. Metz will be at the shop on October 1st and selling beautiful pieces from her debut line, HKM. 

Victoire will be hosting a 1 day only Pop-Up Shop of these two bosom-buddy designers on October 1st at its shop at 129 Ossington from 2:00 - 9:00 p.m. Refreshments will be served. For fans across the country unable to attend the event in person, Victoire will also be hosting a 24 hour Online Pop-Up Shop of both Samantha Pleet and Hannah Kristina Metz's designs on our web shop at


Samantha Pleet/Hanna Kristina Metz Pop-Up Shop at Victoire Boutique
129 Ossington Ave
Thursday, October 1st, 2:00 - 9:00 p.m.
Online Pop-up Shop of select pieces at for 24 hours, starting at midnight on Sept. 30th.

Join the Facebook event so you don't forget! Samantha Pleet and Hannah Kristina Metz Pop Up Shop at Victoire!

Please join us, and scoop up all the goodies that New York City's fashionistas are always clamouring for.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Fall is just around the corner!!!

It sneaks up on you when you wake up in the morning to a slight chill in the air. It looks sunny outside but as you reach your bus stop, your legs are full of goosebumps! Yes folks, this is the Autumn creep! It goes from 35 degrees to 15 quicker than cafes can make their pumpkin spice lattes!  But don't worry - we've got just what you need to say goodbye to summer with a smile. Because who doesn't love a new shopping season? Come check out all these beauties and more in the Wellington Shop this weekend for  Tastes of Wellington West

First up is this cutie that's been popping up all over our Instagram and Pinterest. The Act Three Apparel Marine Dress is a tried and true blue beauty. The rounded collar is so Little House on the Prairie and those pleats at the waist are as crisp as Autumn air! It's comfortable, practical - you can wear this out to the Farmers' Market or to work - and adorable!

Act Three Apparel Marine Dress - $160 - Available at all 3 shops and online.

Next is one of my personal fave outfits. You can't say Fall without lumberjack plaid and what better way to wear it than in this sweet button front skirt from Birds of North America? It sits nice and high on the waist, perfect for tucking in blouses (or pairing with our favourite Hornero Crop top!).  To go along with it is the Betina Lou Agatha top. Made from a bamboo knit, this little black top is complete with a sharp white collar. Seriously, we cannot get enough of collars this season! 

Betina Lou Agatha Sweater - $160, available at all thee shops! Birds of North America Cotinga Skirt - $142, available at West, Toronto, and online. 

To add a little extra edge to this outfit, these new Coconuts by Matisse Stillwater Oxfords are la piece de resistance. These super rad shoes have the height of creepers, amazing traction (you won't be slipping in these puppies!) and are just badass. 

Matisse Black StillWater Oxfords $95. Available at all three shops and online.

You can't go wrong with a denim dress in the Fall. This Birds of North America dress has the most perfect fit! It is cinched at the waist with a slight bit of flare to create an A-line. It buttons all the way up, showcasing a pointed collar. It has nice long sleeves that are gathered ever so slightly for that feminine touch. This dress is just the ultimate! It also comes in a light blue faded denim. 

Birds of North America Hoatzin Dark Denim Dress - $218 - available at West, Toronto and online in the Dark Denim. Available in Faded denim at Dal, Toronto and online.
These burgundy booties are the perfect match for this dress. Matisse Footwear is the newest addition to the Victoire family. They are beautifully priced and Vegan - no leather is involved but they do have a suede look. These ankle boots have a real sixties vibe - the pointed toe and block heel is *just* right. The two tone deep wine colour has a textured pattern on the ankle panel for contrast. We are smitten!

Matisse Abbott Bootie in Wine - $115 - available at all three locations and online. Also available in Black.

Last but not least is the dress made from our velvet dreams. The Vivienne dress from Toronto's Act Three Apparel is so luxurious. It has a beautiful full skirt that drapes into thick folds, and the velvet is just shiny enough that it feels really glamorous! Hitting the dance floor in this cutie is a must! 

Act Three Apparel Vivienne Dress - $195 - Available at all three locations and online!
 So swing by and check out all these new fall digs so you're prepared when the chill hits!