Sunday, November 16, 2014

I think we have a *thing* for jumpers

To me, there is truly nothing cooler than a jumper. For any kind of soirée (yes, you get invited to "soirées") jumpers are just that perfect combination of statement-making, while also not looking like you're trying too hard. Cos they really are so easy! No fuss, plus they instantly say "I have the guts to wear this", while everyone else is probably playing it a little bit safe (and boring). We posted about the Samantha Pleet Empress jumper a few posts back, but this one from Darling is great because it totally fits the bill for all those holiday parties creeping up.

The Thea jumper has a slight sheen, making it totally appropriate for a formal event. What I dig about it most too is that it definitely harkens to the 70s disco jumpsuit of my dreams without being a total throwback. 

The Thea jumper is available at the Dalhousie & Toronto locations as well as online. But hurry as sizes are selling fast!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

All good gifs end with an Oprah handshake

We had the pleasure of being photographed for Herd magazine by Remi Theriault a short while ago. We've been photographed a fair bit in 8 years of having the shops, and both Katie & I can truly say this is the first time we really feel like these pictures truly represent us. The article was kind of a recap of some of the things we've learned from 8 years in retail, and being that it was kind of a retrospective chat we thought it would be super fun to create a little set with a some old props from past windows (cos duh, we keep pretty much everything). 

We also thought it would be fun to bring a bunch of our fave foods to play around with cos a) we truly love food, like SO much b) we were partly inspired to do like a girlified/less naked version of this New Swears record cover c) sometimes it feels like this is exactly what the inside of our brain must look like, chaotic & colourful & just a crazy mish-mash of pop-culture/glitter & Coca-Cola and d) it was also perhaps our own subtle way of distancing ourselves from so much of the unhealthy and narrow body standards so often associated with the fashion industry - as in, riots before diets, and pass the Lucky Charms, please.

You might remember these Heartbreaker/Dream date hearts from a past Valentine's Day window, Shaya's disco octahedrons and Chanelle's giant pink telephone. Man our basement looks like a real fun house sometimes!

And because Remi is a photographer unlike any other, of course he sent us a gif of Katie & I goofing off and dancing (annnnnnd ending the whole thing with an Oprah handshake). It's the intro to our fantasy TV show.

 photo justdance 2_zpsjifvipix.gif

Friday, November 14, 2014

Ossington Vintage Sale!

Surprise guys! After hearing you guys ask us to have one of our vintage sales at the Toronto shop, we've decided to do it! So we're throwing a semi-last minute vintage sale alongside our buds from White Elephant in Toronto on Saturday November 22nd! 

The sale will run from 12-7 on Saturday at 129 Ossington Avenue. Come by to check out the vintage and say hi to Katie and Amber! Can't wait to see you there. Xo.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Looking for a WINNER!

Nothing makes the day brighter, your smile bigger and birds sing sweeter then winning a contest full of your favourite things. Winning a contest always feels great (doesn't it??) and we feel super great about giving all these awesome pieces away!!

All you have to do is make a purchase between now and Sunday and mention this contest at the cash. Your name will be entered into the draw for the prize pack, which includes allllll of the above things. You can come into the shops to buy OR go to our online  shop (where we are also offering free shipping with the check out code "MEADOWLARK" until Sunday).

If you feel like you have no luck and just never win anything, you can buy the  Birds of North America Meadowlark here. Or keep your fingers crossed until Sunday evening when we will be picking a winner - good luck!!

So - to recap! Up for grabs to 1 lucky wiener (sorry, I had to just slip that in once, get it outta my system):

- Birds of North America Meadowlark dress (available in sizes 2-16, your choice of burgandy or navy!)
- Victoire Watermelon tee
- Preloved leggings
- Steel Magnolias necklace & tote

Friday, November 7, 2014

Wedding Belles

Ah yes, one of our favourite things about this sale is when a bride-to-be finds her future wedding dress. It always feels a little bit magical seeing one of our dresses given a second life on someone's special day! 

One of the nice things about getting a vintage dress is that it was once someone else's magic dream dress (magic dream dress is the scientific term for beautiful vintage wedding dresses), as if it's lived a past life, and maybe even a charmed one! Each one carries its own history to it, and that makes it extra special. Another great thing about going vintage is that you can alter it to be the dream dress you've been looking for. Marie-Camille got her dress shortened to suit her style and make it a little more easy going. Alterations won't cost you as much as buying a new dress and having the get alterations on top of the hefty price tag. 

You might remember this post from the summer, after we had our wedding event featuring Heart Deco and Sparrow Floral Design. A beautiful bride found her wedding gown at our spring sale, and then she found her ring boxes through Heart Deco and had all of her flowers done by Sparrow. Now that is what we call a dream wedding! 

And it doesn't need to stop there - gather your best galpals aka potential bridesmaids and let them choose their dress! You can easily pick a colour scheme for them to work within and we have all of the racks colour coordinated, from pastel hues in pink, lavendar, or mint, to creams and golds, to rich blues and reds. So have a few mimosas at brunch and then swing by our Dalhousie shop on Saturday or Friday evening before going out for drinks! 

It's also a great event for prom dress shopping. If you know a gal who wants to get away from the generic side of prom, bring her over to check out our stock! See you tonight!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

What Would Betty Draper Wear?

Before the mini dress took over the scene, flouncy party dresses were worn for any and every event or occasion, be it birthday parties, dinner dates - any excuse to dress up really! Not like today where dressing up is a rarity unless you have a wedding to attend. Even housewives back then wore pretty day dresses around to run simple errands and clean their ovens.I think we just need to embrace dressing up again - if everyone dons a super fun party dress for any semi-formal occasion then there will be no such thing as being over dressed! Who cares if your dude is in jeans - he can rock the James Dean look while you look like Marilyn. 

The New Look by Dior started in 1947 and didn't really die down until the sixties picked up the mini shifts and tunic dresses. The late 50s and early 60s still held onto the fitted waist and exaggerated skirts of the post-war decade. A dress like this would have normally been worn with a crinoline to help lift up and fill out the skirt. Today we are lucky we don't need all of the foundation garments like crinolines! This dress is less over the top when worn as is, keeping the silhouette more streamlined and easy to wear.

Today, you can wear one of these classic party dresses to any of your upcoming holiday parties, winter weddings or dinner parties. It's okay to get a little dressed up! Just channel your inner Betty Draper and rock one of these frocks this holiday season!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Pleets to Meet Ya

This is the second season we've been carrying Samantha Pleet. We are super selective about the lines we carry, and even more so about any non-Canadian lines. But we are absolutely in love with Samantha Pleet, her wildly creative prints and her sweetheart silhouettes. There is some real magic to her pieces, some ineffable quality that make them special, beyond just appearances. She has a vision with her clothing, and boy do we like what she sees! 

Here are some wonderful shots of shopgal Amber in one of Samantha's most special pieces, taken by our fave photographer Arden Wray (who definitely knows how to capture the magic with her camera). 
The Empress Jumpsuit by Samantha Pleet, in Illuminated print. $299. Available for purchase at Dalhousie, 129 Ossington and online.

This jumpsuit is available at our Dalhousie and Ossington locations, and it's also available for purchase online.

Can we just have a moment to talk about this print? It has UNICORNS, POPPIES, GOATS, MONKEYS and TREES. It's a fairy tale in a fabric (speaking of fabric, it is 100% cotton and so comfortable -- not too tight). 

How are you guys feeling about Samantha Pleet?  Do you love it as much as we do?  Why don't you peruse her website, swing by one of the shops and tell us the pieces you love so we can keep delivering season after season. And try something on while you're visiting the shop, because we guarantee you'll feel that magic we do.