Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Private Shopping Nights at Victoire!

Have you ever wished you had the entire shop to yourself, just you & your besties, trying on anything and everything, coming up with AMAZING outfits together and taking as much space & time as you want without feeling rushed?

Well we've started to offer Private Shopping Nights at Victoire where you can do just that. It started out as a perk we offered through our Indiegogo campaign last December, and we had groups of friends pitch in to buy one together and it was SO FUN! It really was so great to get to spend some real quality one-on-one time with customers, and any gal party is always a blast, especially when there's wine & snacks involved! Anyways, the whole experience was so great for us, AND you guys were into it too, so we've decided to offer them year-round!

Here's the deal:

For 250$, you & 3 friends get the entire shop to yourself (the location of your choice) while Katie & I serve you drinks & snacks and try to offer up styling suggestions in-between all the giggling. But the real kicker is that everyone gets 20% off all their purchases that night.

You can purchase them online here (we'll be in touch afterwards to coordinate the timing & location), or ask us about them next time you're in the shop.

We're currently offering 3 up as a perk for Apt613's Indiegogo campaign, so snatch one up there and help Apt613 get a really cool project off the ground while you shop shop shop!

Monday, April 14, 2014

The Monochrome Set

While the shops are bursting with a plethora of colourful objects, I am always drawn to the simplicity and versatility of black and white garments, at least as the jumping off point for the rest of my wardrobe choices (I swear I wear colours... sometimes). I have a couple monochromatic faves in the shop right now and wanna share them with you.

This Eve Gravel "Pierrot" blouse is such a killer piece. Looks really sharp tucked into a colourful miniskirt or high-waisted jeans. I also have just been wearing it untucked like this. Totally doable. Oh, and would you look at that?! My black-and-white glasses match my blouse --- UNINTENTIONAL COORDINATION.
Eve Gravel 'Pierrot' blouse, $146. Available at all three shops. Chainmaille necklace, $50, by CS Footprints, available at 129 Ossington and Dalhousie location.

Here is Amber wearing this truly incredible monochromatic printed dress from Ursa Minor Studio. We can't tell you how happy it makes us to get in new pieces from Elizabeth Hudson of Ursa Minor. She always finds a brilliant way to incorporate volume in ways that still flatter the body. She also adds cool details like this oversized pocket in the front.
Ursa Minor Studio 'Youki' dress, $198. Available at 129 Ossington and Westboro locations.
While we're at it, here's another monochromatic look for your consideration and feedback. All you need is a swan and a black turtleneck. 
Leonardo DiCaprio ft. swan. I can hardly explain the serene calm that comes over me as I gaze upon this photo. 
Now make like Leo and find your "swan" in the form of one of the many great black and/or white pieces we have going in the shops right now. 

Friday, April 11, 2014


Come on, you knew it was only a matter of time before one of our t-shirt collabs with Danica of The Lost City would revolve around Bey. We've done kitties, burgs, rock'n'roll - all things we love, so really, I'm sure this comes as no surprise. (Just count yourselves lucky we haven't done an Oprah t-shirt...yet)

These tees are 35$ and available at all 3 shops & online - and selling fast already, so pop in soon! Can you even IMAGINE a more perfect tee to wear this Summer lounging on a patio with your best pals?? I really truly cannot.

Also, mark your calendars for Friday, May 23rd at Babylon. We're co-presenting an ALL BEYONCE & FRIENDS dance party. More details to come. But what more do you need to know than Bey Bey all night??

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Heart Deco Ring Boxes

In addition to antique rings, Heart Deco is keeping the West shop stocked with vintage & antique ring boxes. The perfect place to store your special rings, they would add such a sweet touch when proposing to that vintage-loving someone in your life! These boxes are also great for displaying your wedding rings in engagement and wedding day photos!

These fancy carved celluloid (an early plastic) boxes date from about the 1930s -1940s. As cute as they are on the outside, half the fun is in the velvet interiors. Thanks to being stored shut, the velvet is free from fading, and remains colourfast after all this time!

The ivory celluloid boxes are most common, but they also come in a range of pretty colours... maybe even something to co-ordinate with your wedding?

Current shop favourite isn't a celluloid box at all, it's a little paper box made to look like a book! Inside is a pair of flocked velvet inserts to hold your wedding rings. An adorable & romantic alternative to a traditional ring bearer's pillow!

There's a range of celluloid, leather, and velvet boxes at the Wellington shop. Prices range from about $30-$70.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Friends - The Best!

Sometimes I go out with all my lady friends and at some point in the night after a few glasses of sparkling wine (my fave) I take a look around me and think "Holy moly, I am so lucky to be surrounded by all these super smart, talented, ambitious, and adventurous women."

Case #1 - Megan Campagnolo AKA Rosehound Apparel
A sweater with embroidered chips! Coming soon

Y'ever lie in bed for an epic TV watching marathon with a bag of chips only to stand up a few hours later and have crumbs all over your comfy house sweater? Well now you can take your lazy oaf look to the streets. Megan is launching her new line Rosehound Apparel tomorrow night at the Likely General here in Toronto (6-10, come by!), and we'll be carrying her stuff at Victoire pretty soon thereafter.

Case #2 - Char Da Silva AKA Charziie
Reg in a Charziie tee, $50 at all 3 locations

Not only does Char make all those awesome hand-painted hot dog, donut, and pizza slice tees that have been blowing up on your Instagram feed, she's also a co-owner of Milk Glass, a gallery on Dundas just around the corner from us at 129 Ossington. In addition to exciting art shows, Milk Glass also has lots of really fun dance party nights so you should definitely check it out if you're looking for something to do on a Friday night.

Case #3 - Julia Dickens AKA Artiste Extraordinaire
A self-portrait

Julia can do anything. She screen prints, she paints, she curates, she makes lots of show posters that you've probably seen around the city. Julia is going to work her aesthetic magic on our next window display at 129 Ossington.  She also has a little music blog that features playlists compiled by other women in the city. Check it out here.

Shout outs to all my other friends. You guys rule too.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Osei-Duro: Vibrant & Sustainable

Motto Mini, $155. Available at both Ottawa locations & online.

Victoire is dedicated to Canadian design as you all know, but there are some exceptions. One of the reasons for this is we love taking our ideas of sustainability and craftsmanship globally! Buying clothing made by artisans and craftspeople and creating proper jobs can change much more than the Canadian industry. Osei-Duro exemplifies this idea.
Graphis skirt, $149. Available at the West Welington location only.
Headed by Maryanne Mathias, a Vancouver-born designer, Osei-Duro creates their clothing in Ghana using traditional techniques of hand-dying and weaving. Each garment comes with the signature of the craftsperson (literally!) who made that piece.

Excero, $150

Maena, $139
Osei- Duro is available at both Ottawa shops and a couple of pieces are online.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Constance Anne Jewellery

Handmade in Toronto, Constance Anne is a jewellery line by the talented Taycia Chaplin.  She says it best: "Constance Anne is about pieces you can always reach for to complete your look."
Quartz $40, Brass ring $35, Jade bead $35
I'm loving the geometry of these pieces, and the fact that they're all made of brass. Brass has that perfect colour to it that is not as flashy as gold or silver, but still gets noticed.  And at these prices, I can definitely afford to do some necklace layering.  
Brass Plate, $40
My personal favourite is this one with the curved brass bars. This necklace comes on two different chain lengths to suit your style.  Or just wear them together! 
Curved bars, $35
Available now in Toronto and coming soon to Dal and West!