Thursday, July 2, 2015

Forget classic, be bold and sophisticated!

There are a few things that take a great outfit into the realm of never gonna fail ya /perfect for everything/ slam dunk all the way! Osei-Duro's Ovil dress is just such a piece. It contains in it so many style references and moods (after seeing "Saint Laurent" by Bertrand Bonello, I know how I'll be styling it!)

Osei-Duro Ovil dress, 285$, available at the West Wellington & Ossington locations and online

First off a wrap dress looks super awesome on your body and allows you to grow (or shrink!) with no tailoring required. Honestly, thinking about getting knocked up? Think about getting this dress!  Wraps have an ease about them that leaves you looking effortlessly cool and sexy to boot.

Secondly, the bold pattern will always look sophisticated and stand out without fussing about accessories. But, if you're in the mood, combining it with bold jewelry or layered with a scarf the outfit is totally out-of-sight!  

Thirdly, how inspired are you by the values and ethics of Osei-Duro? With Osei-Duro, being a lover of style can also contribute to economic growth and sustaining traditional craftsmanship. And all you have to do is be willing to stay fresh and stay cool in the Ovil Dress!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Give Your Pal a Pick Me Up!

Ah summer! So far it has been fairly good to us, a little less rain would be nice but hey, the sun is shining and it's finally starting to feel like it's here to say! We hope everyone is feeling the good vibes as much as we are, but just in case we thought we would have a lil contest for ya!

Do you have a pal who is feeling the #summertimesadness? Well, here's your chance to make her feel better! Tag your friend in this picture on Instagram and she will be entered to win the Sea of Love dress from Eve Gravel! (retails for $192!) Don't have Instagram? No problem! Just send us her email address and she'll be entered! Yep, easy as that! And to double your chances, repost the picture on your own Instagram. A winner will be picked Friday night. Remember: If she wins, you get to borrow this dress WHENEVER you want!!! Yeah that's pretty much the best deal ever amirite? 

Now get tagging!! 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Blue Jean Baby

No doubt you have heard a zillion times while shopping at Victoire a variation on "How awesome will that look with your jean jacket!?!!!" And lord do we live by that truth! Nothing more precious than your perfect old beat up jean jackets with all your flair personalizing it.  Your jean jacket makes every outfit feel a little more lived in, makes a fancy dress feel more "laisser faire" and definitely shows the world your allegiances.

Victoire doesn't sell jean jackets (we strongly believe vintage is the only way to go). BUT we do sell tons of pins and patches to UPGRADE your jean jacket! Between Yo SickExplorer's PressBitter Betty or Rosehound, you're sure to find the pieces that are speaking to ya!

Looking for some major jean jacket inspiration? Check out our Blue Jean Baby Pinterest board!

Awesome illustration of flair in Office Space from tumblr...couldn't find the name of the artist :(

Friday, June 12, 2015

Get to know your Shopgirl: This week - Shaya!

Shaya walked into our lives as a passionate and artistic lovely teen girl. She would drop by after her classes (her high school was just a few blocks away), and we would always chat and we were just immediately taken with how mature, and sweet and just bursting with potential and curiosity she was. So she eventually came on as a co-op student, then worked her way to working full-time for us, and now we have her when she's on holidays from school at NSCAD. Shaya is a creative tour de force with a work ethic that is just as vibrant. We know one day we'll be saying "we knew her when" about Shaya - and we can't wait to be her bragging "Aunties"!

1. What is your zodiac sign?
 Like my girl Oprah, Aquarius! 

2. What do you do at Victoire?
As all my fellow shop gals have stated, I dabble in a little bit of everything! Victoire is definitely the kind of work environment that is flexible to your strong suits. That being said I take on a lot of creative projects that go on behind the scenes. I whip up our house line of jewelry, Steel Magnolias, make window displays from time to time, and other crafty things the Ottawa shops need!

3. Which Beyonce video most embodies your true self?
Groooown Woman is basically my anthem. Sounds hella cheesy but I listen to it when I need a good pep talk to remind me of who I am and everything I am capable of! And come on, seeing footage of little Bey and Kelly singing back in the day kills me! Reminds me of dancing around with my little sis as kids.

4. Tell us something you picked up from your mom.
I think I picked up her “I’ll believe it when I see it” attitude. Although she tends to be doubtful of things right off the bat, I’ve seen how it has motivated her to work harder and power through that state of limbo to see the good things on the other side!

I also inherited her love of dancing - she can seriously cut a rug! When in doubt, dance it out. 

5. Describe your perfect day off.
My perfect day off would involve having breakfast with my roommates before heading out for yoga. I would pack myself a good lunch, a favourite book and my film camera so that after my yoga session I could head to a park and take photos along the way. I’d find a solid spot for a solo picnic and chill/read for awhile before going back home. My roomies and I would make a nice meal (the most BALLIN' pizza ever) and we’d have friends over in the evening so we can all stuff our faces and laugh as we marathon Rupaul’s Drag Race or Broad City!

6. You are doing the slow dramatic walk down the stairs in your prom dress in a teen movie. What song is playing?
Oh man, it would be a toss up between my favourite David Bowie song “Starman” or Beyonce’s "Crazy in Love". On one hand I can totally picture Bowie adoringly singing ‘star girl’ as I walk down the stairs. However, it would be so fun to strut through a crowd of my high school peers and pull a Sasha Fierce like I OWN the place. 

7. If your look had a name, what would it be?
The hypothetical style child of Solange and Jane Birkin. These two rad ladies are vastly different but I draw inspiration from both of their style philosophies; a lil playful and bold with chill minimalist undertones, you feel me?

8. Recommend something to me: 
The Selves by Sonja Ahlers is such a gem! If you’re into Rookie Mag and the overall aesthetic of the yearbooks they put out each year, you definitely have to check out this beautifully curated book of collage work. The artist has been a huge influence on Tavi Gevinson and actually worked closely with her on Yearbook One!
Ahlers explores the social construction of gender roles while playing up and remixing imagery from popular culture in an interesting, precious, and engaging way! It’s the kind of small art book you can flip through and have something speak to you for the first time months after putting it down. 

Also, check out the song Genius of Love by Tom Tom Club -  it’s one of my favorite summer jams of all time! Fun fact: Mariah Carey sampled it for her 90s classic, Fantasy, holla!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Velo Vogue Charity Fashion Show

Velo Vogue: A Bicycle Fashion Show

When the Ottawa community comes together to make an event the best it can be, it is really something special to witness all of the hard work come to fruition. Though, with all of the planning needed to produce such an impressive fashion event you need one motivated lady! So this congratulations goes to our very special Ottawa gal Zara, of local bicycle and fashion blog Ottawa Velo Vogue for putting together the Velo Vogue Fashion Show, which raised money for Right Bike (A social organization that trains and employs individuals in our community who are working to overcome barriers to employment). A BIG thank you is also in order for allowing Victoire to be one of the clothing sponsors. Our shop gal Ashley had a blast and we have the photos to prove it!

*Special thanks to Carolynn LacasseJackpine and Finnsquare for some amazing photos

Pre-event set up

LOVING the signage
Birds of North America Goldenthroat top, with the Betina Lou Lisa shorts in red & Eleven Thirty Christie Leopard bag

Darling Zara Dress in peach, purple, and yellow!

Noah Venkatarangam performing his Wonderheart EP
Ashley on the left, and Carolynn of Ottawa blog j'adore this on the right! 

Monday, May 25, 2015

It's our 1 year anniversary on Ossington!

We're One!

You know us Victoire ladies like a party, and after this year on Ossington we have so much to celebrate! We were voted #3 best new fashion store in Toronto, got a great write-up in the Star, were included in an article on the Quebec fashion industry, and were listed as the #1 fashion store Instagram account to follow! 

We really couldn't be happier to be in Toronto so to celebrate we are throwing a Mermaid Palace themed party featuring the artistic stylings of real life mermaid herself Diana Lynn Vandermeulen.

Thursday May 28th
5 - 9 pm
129 Ossington

Drinks and snacks will be served, a seashell photobooth will be present, and party jams will be playing! Bring yourself and bring your friends! Can't wait to see you there. Xox

Friday, May 22, 2015

Get to know your Shopgirl! This week: Kristina!

Pic by Arden Wray


Working with/shopping with/being friends with Kristina is one of life's unique pleasures. Anybody else who knows her will totally back me up on this. She's sharp as a tack, witty as heck, and wise beyond her years (even if much of that wisdom stems from Jane Fonda's Master Class or any episode of Ru-Paul's Drag Race). Her Snapchat's are pure art (I truly believe she is to Snapchat what Kim Kardashian is to selfies), and she has an encyclopedic knowledge of pop culture that I am forever in awe over. She's a special one, that Kristina.

1. What is your zodiac sign?

I'm a Leo/Gemini rising. That Gemini rising part really helps me understand myself better.
2. What do you do at Victoire?

I co-manage Victoire in Toronto with Amber. Before I moved to Toronto last year, I worked at the two Victoire shops in Ottawa. All the Victoire gals do one zillion different things around the shop to keep the machine going.  I dabble in a little bit of everything, from interacting with our designers and awesome customers, to event organization, to updating our web store, to the post office runs, to mopping the floors and takin' out the trash!
3. Which Beyonce video most embodies your true self? 

WHAT A QUESTION! I seriously struggled to answer this one, because like Beyonce, I am a complex woman. I mean, I kind of feel like the whole Visual Album personifies me. I think I might even feel a part of my soul lives inside the live performance/cover Beyonce did of Prince's Beautiful Ones at Glastonbury in 2011.  
4. Tell us something you picked up from your Mom.

A profound, unwavering love for cheese. We call our natural state of being a "cheese deficit." Life is cheese. Cheese is life. Gettin' cheesy wit it. I would also say that I picked up a love of art and appreciation of beautiful household objects from my mom. We love a good set of stemware or cutlery. 
5. Describe your perfect day off. 
I wake up, make my bed (look at me, being so productive already!), grab a coffee somewhere, meet up with a friend on our bikes, and either we head to a park or Toronto Island and read and chat and eat snacks and drink beers and nap and watch dogs play and chillax until the sun goes down. Then we'd light up some candles or have a bonfire and just chill some more. BUT I would also settle for reading a good magazine in a hammock, with a few breaks in between to make some iced tea and catch up episodes of some kinda hilarious TV show. Or a swim. I am boring. 
6. You are doing the slow dramatic walk down the stairs in your prom dress in a teen movie. What song is playing?

Raw Ramp by T. Rex. or Dear Miss Lonelyhearts by Thin Lizzy.  
7. If your look had a name, what would it be? 

Baby Margot. This imaginary person is who I thought Amber was telling me about one time when she was describing a style she wanted to try out. I kept hearing Baby Margot, and thinking to myself, "Hmm, yeah, probably a precocious, grumpy Parisian toddler who is known on the fashion blogs, or maybe it's an old vaudeville star. This makes sense." It turns out Amber was saying "Brigitte Bardot" the whole time. Anyway, Baby Margot is funny to me, and as much as I love clothes, I think trends and "Fashion" are funny.  I'm not sure I have a look. I'm not very rigid in my approach to fashion. JUST LIKE BABY MARGOT.
8. Recommend something to me! 

I recommend the application Evernote to keep track of all the things you want to read on the internet (who can keep up?). It's very handy. I also recommend watching the FKA Twigs music video for Glass and Patron if you want to see super badass dancing andvoguing, and awesome styling. It's very provocative and weirdly erotic though.... Not safe for work! I also recommend the Province Apothecary cleanser. This stuff feels so luxurious to massage into your skin and it keeps my pores happy. 

Thanks for reading this week's "Get to know your Shopgirl!"