Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Get to know your Shopgirl: Ainslie

We're starting a new series asking everyone on the Victoire team these 8 questions to give you a little peak into what makes us all tick...first up, Ainslie!
Shot by Arden Wray during our "Victoire Summit 2015" in Samantha Pleet

Sweet Ainslie has enviable mermaid hair and drums in her band, Sailor Jupiter. She splits her time between the Dalhousie and Westboro shops in Ottawa.
1. What is your Zodiac sign?

2. What do you do at Victoire?
Help you lovely gals find your dream dresses and outfits! Keep the shop stock in check, deliver web orders, and write some of the cute descriptions for our webshop.

3. Which Beyonce video most embodies your true self?
Blow. In a past life, I'm sure I was a roller disco queen.

4. Tell us something you picked up from your Mom.
Worrying way too much - I used to think my mom was the biggest worry wort but now I realize I am even worse.

5. Describe your perfect day off.
My perfect day off would have to be on a sunny 23-24 degree day (the perfect temperature IMO). I would wear my most favourite vintage summer dress and the day would be spent drinking elderflower cider at the arboretum or up in Wakefield with my man. 

6. You are doing the slow dramatic walk down the stairs in your prom dress in a teen movie. What song is playing?
Summer Babe by Pavement. I would so love to walk down the stairs in a fancy gown while Stephen Malkmus screams "You're my summer babe!"

7. If your look had a name, what would it be?
Betty Cooper meets Ye-Ye girl.

8. Recommend something to me!
My absolute favourite magazine is called Oh Comely and I think it is one of the most beautifully done magazines out there. It's hard to categorize as it's a big mix of everything from interesting essays to beautiful photos. Each issue contains entries from different contributors that revolve around a new theme. It's a great magazine to pick up of you're in the mood to indulge your curious side and feel inspired. You can check out their blog as well for fun playlists, little recipes, and interviews with interesting people. 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Stefanie Sheehan Jewelry

We had the pleasure of welcoming a few new American lines into the shop at the end of 2014 (we call them honourary Canucks...), and like the Canadian designers we carry, they follow the same ethos. Very small companies, with quality products made by hand in an ethical way.

One of those additions was Stefanie Sheehan, and I quickly added one of her Day rings to my always-growing stack.

Stefanie Sheehan Day ring, 77$ available at all 3 locations & online
It's taking alot of restraint not to complete the set, with the matching necklace...or earrings. But Katie & I often need to remind ourselves to leave things for the customers :)

Then about a week ago we received her latest collection "Journeyer", and dang girl, she's done it again! There's something kindof sci-fi to it that I am really digging.

Journey Up Cuff, 156$. Available at all 3 shops & online
Journey Up ring, 77$. Available at all 3 shops & online.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Summer of Seersucker

Earthcreeper dress, $212 at all 3 shops.
No, it's not yet Summer, nor is it even officially Spring, but a girl can dream right? I'm picturing a sunny bike ride through the park, a late brunch on a patio with my girls, maybe even a July wedding where the poor guys are melting in their suits, but I'm keeping it easy breezy in my cotton dress (and maybe a straw hat and some clogs.)

The Earthcreeper from Birds of North America is a fit and flare beauty in blue and white seersucker. It is 100% cotton and has side pockets, so not only is it cute - it's practical too! And as always, made in Canada with love by the amazingly talented Hayley Gibson. Hayley has been an independent designer for the last ten years thanks to customers like you!

Get it in your size while you can! See you in the shop! XO

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Kickstart Spring with a Flash Sale!

Whether you enjoyed every minute of it or suffered all the way through, it is time to say buh-bye to winter. As cute as everyone looked in pompom toques, cozy oversized sweaters and mukluks, we here at Victoire are certainly happy to leave it all behind us until next year. The shops are loaded up with Spring deliveries, our bikes are ready for their maiden voyage, and our skin is craving some Vitamin D!

All this means it's time to celebrate and share our spring enthusiasm with all of you!  And we know there is one type of celebration you all can't get enough of: A Victoire FLASH SALE!!!

Starting Thursday the 12th until Sunday the 15th at midnight, get 15% off purchases of Spring clothing over $150 and 20% off purchases of $250 or more. And don't forget it's free shipping in Canada! Discount applies to new clothing only, t-shirts & swimwear are not included.

Can't make it into one of the shops? We're offering our discount online as well! Use EQUINOX15 for orders over 150$, and EQUINOX20 for orders over 250$.

Spring is here, rejoice rejoice!! xoxoxo

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Fresh new digs at 209 Dalhousie!

After 9 years, we have taken a giant (well tiny leap...stone throw really) step into Lower Town and opened a new shop! It feels so good to have re-imagined and updated our look and feel. We love all our dark wood, and cast in the glow of the sunlight, damn we love it even more!! Racks full of spring clothing and our killer art work by Amy Thompson sets the tone for our future. A bright future at 209 Dalhousie!!

Walk down a block further on North Dalhousie form our old shop , cross the street and we will welcome you with open arms in our NEW home.


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Modern Wedding Event For Vintage Loving Brides

On Thursday March 5th, Victoire Boutique will be welcoming local cake legend Auntie Loo, estate ring maven Heart Deco, and the magical Sparrow Floral Design, while unveiling the bridal collection of Montreal-based Birds of North America. A night not to be missed for all those seeking a wedding day filled with beauty, charm and individuality.

In anticipation of the 2015 wedding season, the celebration will be held from 4pm to 8pm at Victoire’s 1282 Wellington St. West shop. Grace Irving, owner of Heart Deco, will be in store to meet party-goers and answer questions about her selection of vintage and antique wedding and engagement rings. Auntie Loo's Amanda Lunan will provide cake samples, and an opportunity to discuss your fantasy wedding cake. Vanessa Madely of Sparrow Floral Design will be showcasing and selling beautiful floral arrangements, and booking consultations for the upcoming wedding season. Victoire will be selling the 60's-inspired bridal collection of very affordable and eye catching design from Birds of North America.

Too many brides find the mainstream "Bridal Industry" to be rigid, or exclusionary towards those who want a wedding day that reflects their own ethics, aesthetics and most importantly budget. This event has been designed to bring together four businesses that cater to the woman looking for extra romance, flare and those personal touches that make her day truly her own. You turn to your favourite local businesses for special occasions through out your year, why not include them in your wedding day too?!

For more information, visit Auntie Loo's website at auntieloostreats.ca or Victoire at victoireboutique.com. Sparrow Floral Design can be found at sparrowfloraldesign.ca and Heart Deco can be found at heartdecovintage.com.

 Can't wait to see you there!! xo

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Made by Livingston

New line in the shops & online, LIVINGSTON jewelry is handmade by Genevieve Flavelle. Genevieve began LIVINGSTON out the desire to make one of a kind playful statement making jewelry for herself and her friends. LIVINGSTON is inspired by colour, line, repeating patterns, and feminist ideals. Every piece is hand sculpted and painted. Genevieve is from Toronto and studied at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.