Saturday, December 13, 2014

Ideas for stuffin' that stocking!

It's that time of year, guys! And if the snow hasn't got your brain in the Christmas Shopping mode, I don't know what will.  I'm already trying to *wrap things up* and finish my shopping as soon as possible. Then I can enjoy eggnog and rum, snow angels and endlessly watching Elf. Oh, and I LOVE stockings! So many fun little things to open. On that note, here are some things in the shop that I think would make the perfect stocking stuffers!

West Lake Design Headband $38. A winter essential and super cute no matter how short or long your hair is. Love it! Available at all 3 locations and online. 

Dillan's Bitters (Available at Wellington GOODS section only or online). Who doesn't want an essential ingredient to the perfect cocktail? $17 and available in the goods section at the Wellington shop.

Rosehound Apparel Twin Peaks inspired mugs $20... because we all drink far too much coffee and we know it. It's never going to change. Available at the Wellington shop and online.

In God We Trust Sweet Nothings Necklace $55. Cute or naughty, they are just the ultimate gift. Available at all 3 locations and online.

Izola Flasks 5 oz. $36... because, what the hell!? Who doesn't need to have a swig of whiskey when being around your lovely family for days?  Available at all 3 locations and online.
 Alright these are just A FEW of my go-to items in the shop. We have a ton more! Visit our gifts section on our webstore for more ideas!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Gifts for #1 Moms

You know how hard your mom works. You were a handful as a baby/child/teenager/adult. She did your laundry through college, let you live in her basement until you were 29 and had finally paid off your student loan. She was there for you through your breakups, being fired, getting Fs on your report card, and she said "you're special" and made all the pain go away. 

And the cherry on top? She never asks for anything in return for being your therapist/landlord/personal chef/taxi driver/keeping all of your secrets. Moms could seriously blackmail their kids if they wanted to; think about it. So to prevent that from happening, shower her with lovely gifts this holiday season and show your gratitude. 

Gift idea #1 is Nina Marchewka's amazing hand made ceramic mugs. She's done a new batch for us in a creamy glaze mixed with a textured rustic clay. These can be found in the Goods section at West or in the Goods Webstore. The perfect accompaniment to her favourite warm comforts (maybe throw in a can of cocoa for her as well - and some bailey's!)

Selection of letter stamped mugs available. 
Mugs are all $35.
The winter months are tough on us, especially on our skin. Help your mom feel rejuvenated with Province Apothecary's all natural Rejuvenating Serum. It replenishes skin's health by stimulating skin on a cellular level. It is high in antioxidants and helps reduce the look of fine lines and improve skin tone. The perfect winter pick me up! Can be found in our webstore or at both Ottawa locations. 

7 ml - $26, 30ml - $76. Available at both Ottawa locations and online.
We also have some wonderful perfumes by Province Apothecary that provide a nice, not overbearing, scent. They are free of dyes and synthetic materials, and free from all that other bad stuff! It's a gift that she wouldn't necessarily buy for herself because it is more of a treat, and how often do moms treat themselves? Mom will love it. 

Province Apothecary Perfume - $46 - available at both Ottawa locations and online.

 We also have a selection of therapeutic roll ons that are calming and soothing. You can find them at the Ottawa shops and online.

Now if you want to treat your mom to something really special, look no further than Ilsa Loves Rick. Their jewelry is so elegant and understated. Their pieces are made from 14k gold fill or rose gold fill and sterling silver and can be worn everyday without feeling fancy. We have an array of rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces to choose from.

Ilsa Loves Rick - Left: Bakers Dozen Necklace, $175. Centre: The Circle - $99. Right: Oval - $99. All 3 available at Dalhousie and Wellington.

Gift idea #4 is perfect for the mom on the go (which we all know is EVERY mom - like seriously when do they ever stop!?). The Lili purse by Cantin is minimalist in design, but holds every ounce of style. It's compact but fits all the essentials, and she won't have to dig around trying to find her car keys. It's made from felted wool and leather, which means it's made to last. She can knock this bag around and it will stand the test of time. 

Cantin Lili Purse - $160 - available at Dalhousie, Wellington and online. Also comes in soft grey felt with black leather.

Another great option for a mom who loves to cook are these cutting boards by Ottawa's Drew Moseley. Made from Santos Mahogany, it's durable and beautiful. If your mom is like mine, she can never have too many cutting boards.

Drew Moseley Cutting Board - ranges from $65-$95 depending on size - available in the Goods section on Wellington or on their website.

Now go surprise your mom with one (or some!) of these amazing gifts!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Holiday Shopping nights at every Location!

December is here! There's snow on the ground, and you're craving hearing your fave Christmas songs: this is ours these days. Next step is to watch some claymation reindeer and eat all the "imperfect" cookies not fit to serve.  Traditions are really just the best, especially when they are tacky!

OH WAIT!!!! There might also be some people in your life who you want to shower with love and presents!! And you may also want to show up to all your holiday parties in something other than your Santa suit!

The shops of North Dalhousie are hosting their annual Holiday Shopping Night Tuesday the 9th from 5-8pm. We will be serving drinks, and discounts (10% off all purchases including accessories & jewelry!) Also with every $20 your spend you will be entered into a draw to win $700 to be spent at the shops of North Dalhousie!!

The shops of Ossington are hosting their first Holiday Shopping Night Thursday the 11th from 5-10pm. Discount of 10% off EVERYTHING! 

We will also be hosting a Holiday Shopping night on West Wellington on Dec. 11th, stay tuned for more details on that night!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Jewelry That Won't Break the Bank

When you're shopping for your loved ones we know it can be super easy to overspend. You want to impress/show how grateful you are and appreciative of them and that's wonderful, but you don't want to completely drain your pocket book! 

We're going to make it easy for you and list some great jewelry for under 50 bucks! That's right, these are some staples that are no fail giftables for your girlfriends, best friends, daughters, mothers, nieces, whatever! Don't be surprised if you come in under budget! You may even be able to squeeze in something for yourself ;)

The Liana Marie bracelets are super cute and easily stackable! Made from a vintage brass cuff and crystal beads, they have a timeless look and will go with anything she wears. You can find them in stores and 

Goldeen created these lovely stacking rings that are great for the jewelry lover who likes to mix it up! Made from sterling, rose gold and yellow gold, these rings can be stacked all together or worn separately and stacked with her other rings. Perfect combo!

And who doesn't love a necklace with a sweet saying? Give someone that extra boost of inspiration with one of her "hope", "dream" or "love" necklaces. 

Top : Liana Marie Victoria Bracelets - $50 each. Selection of these three colours available at all 3 locations and online. 
Bottom Left: Goldeen set of three stacking rings - $25 - available at Dalhousie and West. 
Bottom Right: Gwen D engraved necklaces $21 each, selection available at all three locations.

Steel Magnolia Bangles - $15 each - selection varies at each location.

Our Steel Magnolias bangles are a tried and true staff favourite. They look great on and come in different shapes and styles. The best part? They're only 15 bucks each (say what now?!) and are perfect for stacking or wearing on their own. Give one to each of your besties as a more "grown up" kind of friendship bracelet. 

Another favourite of both staff and shoppers alike are these Salvage Jewelry studs. I can't tell you how many people have bought these! We have a wide selection at each shop, from small dainty ones to bigger statement studs. They are made from recycled brass (great for the eco conscious!) and are mounted on sterling silver posts. So cute and simple - and they really look expensive!

Salvage Jewelry Hexagon Studs - $20 - selection of studs available at all three locations. These are available online.

Salvage Round Concho studs - available at all three shops and online
Last but not least are Gwen D's amazing charm necklaces. This BC designer is inspired by all things vintage and out of nature. She will dig through antique stores to find the perfect victorian anchor charm, and will etch each detail found on a pinecone to get it just right. She even finds working harmonica charms! Cast in bronze, white bronze and sterling silver, we have a wide range from bumblebees to starfish, arrows to engraved wax seal charms (for those who like to keep it old school!) Pick out the one that suits your giftee the best and make them say "How did you know?!". We also have a selection available online here

Gwen D Charm Necklaces - Selection available at all three locations and online. Prices range between $30 and $45.
Happy shopping!! And remember, Tuesday the 9th (next week!) is our Dalhousie Shopping Night! We are taking 10% off clothing, AND jewelry! So come on down and cross some names off your shopping list!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Gift Guide: What to Get for your Mini-Me

We all have a few lil ones in our lives: they of the tiny shoes, the adorable sweaters, the inquisitive looks and charming giggles. If my poetic waxing actually confused you, I'm talking about KIDS! Look, I'm no expert, and I know very little about kids other than I was once one myself and so, I present to you the Victoire Gift Guide for the Mini-Me. 

This year we have a lot of new offerings for both the little kids who like to play, and some of the older ones who will just appreciate special gifts from their favourite auntie (or uncle, or parent or grandparent, or godparent, or whoever else --- you're all included). 

Our super popular Bad Kitty tee was recently made in kid-sizes so that's a great option. Here are two of our fave little ladies, Mila and Lolo, showing off their rascal kitty t-shirts.
Victoire 'Bad Kitty' tshirt for kids, $25. Assorted sizes and available at all 3 shops. 
Speaking of kitties, we still have a couple pairs of cat-ear barrettes from Coral & Tusk kicking around! These are just soooo cute on anyone (ahem, I've worn the bunny version, and I'm a grown ass woman) but kids love 'em. 
Coral & Tusk Cat Ears, embroidered on felt, on sale for $29 (down from $45). Available at 129 Ossington or on our webstore. 
We recently picked up this beautiful line of children's toys from Montreal called Des Enfantillages. This little hockey stick and felted ball are an awesome toy for boys and girls and totally safe to play with in the house. I used to love these little hockey sticks when I was a kid. At the time, I'd say that these kinds of toys were really geared towards boys, but I played with my brother's mini hockey sticks anyway. I think these toys do a great job of not playing up the gender binary aspect involved in so much toy marketing. And that's how it should be! Everyone have fun! Everyone play! 
Des Enfantillages Mini-Hockey stick. Available at all three shops.  $36. 
Another couple fun toys from this line are the slingshot (which includes colourful felted balls for knocking around) and hand-painted jumping ropes.  All pieces are handcrafted with love in Montreal. 
Des Enfantillages Slingshot. Available at all 3 shops and online. $26. 
Des Enfantillages Jumping Rope, $18. Available at all 3 shops and online. 
Another sweet gift I'd recommend for a young lady in your life would be a cute pair of notebooks from Rifle Paper Co. When I was a little one, there was hardly anything I enjoyed more than drawing, doodling and writing little poems (pretty sensitive kid, I GUESS). The pages in these notebooks are unlined so they are great for nurturing your little buddy's creative side, whether she uses it for drawing or writing out her ideas and thoughts. And we have so many pretty sets for you to pick from! 
Rifle Set of 2 Small Notebooks, assorted pairings available, $14. Available at all shops and online
ANYWAY. All this is to say, we have a great selection of goodies appropriate for kids of ALL ages in the shops and online so come and check it out! Bet you'd be surprised what you can find at Victoire these days. 

Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday Sale at Victoire!!!

Today only at all 3 shops and online we will be offering discounts on all clothing and shoes from this season: buy 1 item and receive 10% off, buy 2 items and receive 20% off , and buy 3 items and receive 30% off!!

Enjoy and go cray-cray!

For purchases online use these discount codes:
For 1 item & 10% off: TGIFone
For 2 items & 20% off: TGIFtwo
For 3 items & 30% off: TGIFthree

*sale items, jewelry, leather goods and accessories are not included in the sale

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Space Jam

Do you have a friend who thinks there is life on other planets? Do you ever catch your girlfriend on this website before she quickly closes her laptop screen? Is her favourite movie Contact and is she obsessed with Neil deGrasse Tyson? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, chances are your bff/gf is a bonafide Space Babe.

Here are some out-of-this-world gift ideas for the gal who can't get her head out of the clouds.

Salvage Moon Rings - Sterling Silver : $45, Brass $40. Available at Dal and West and online
A staff favourite are these adorable moon rings by Salvage Jewelry. Made from sterling silver or recycled brass with a gold fill band, these rings are great for stacking. Any moon goddess will be happy to pull one of these out of her stocking!

Salvage Jewelry Sunrise Ring - Sterling silver: $40, Brass: $45. Available at Dal, West and online. In Dreams Constellation Dish - $20, available at all three locations and online.
We've also got their counterpart, the Sunrise ring. Brighten up your pal's day by gifting her one of these charming little rings! The In Dreams Constellation Dish would make a great pairing, so she can keep all her delicate jewelry in one place. Bonus points if you know her sign! (That's when you know it's real.)

Next up are these dainty,  rose gold plated star and moon mismatched studs by Goldeen. So freakin' cute amirite?! They are very small, which is great for an everyday earring gal who doesn't like to fuss! She can pop these on, and if, after a late night she forgets to take them off, she won't have to worry about crushing or breaking them. Perfect for low-maintenance babes. (bonus points for real gold!)

Goldeen Star and Moon studs - $20, available at Dal, West, and online.
For the Sailor Moon fanatics - here's a great set to let everyone know she is the Moon Princess. All of these brass pieces are by Natalie Joy, and they are just too lovely! 

Natalie Joy Moon Ring - $50 - available at all three shops and online; Moon Necklace- $40 - available at all three shops; Moon Studs available at all three shops and online.
For the crafty space-babe/space dude we have these amazing constellation calendars by Heather Lins in our Goods section at West. Each month they get to connect the stars with glow in the dark (!!!) embroidery thread. 

$29 in the Goods section at our Wellington shop.
And last but not least, "The Night's All Right" Explorer's Press patch! The perfect patch to adorn your loved one's denim jacket or favourite bag, the perfect accompaniment for those moonlit adventures. Can be easily ironed on, or stitched for added security. 

Explorer's Press Patch $7 - available at Dalhousie, West and online.